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Get inspired by concepts about new thought and religious science. Inspiration in spirituality comes from learning from these pearls of wisdom regarding the art of manifestation.

The Law of New Thought, Part 3

The Law of Attraction

Part Three in this series based on William Walker Atkinson’s book, The Law of The New Thought, is based on one of my favorite topics in New Thought – The Law of Attraction.

According to Atkinson, the Law of Attraction is based on a “law of Nature whereby an atom attracts to itself that which is needed for its development.”  Through our mental attitude, we draw things to us corresponding in kind to our predominant thoughts and desires.  This law holds true except in cases where other mental influences are at work counteracting the power of your thought.  An example provided in the book is a situation where two men were earnestly wishing for the same thing but the one with the stronger thought force would gain that object.

Atkinson points out that it is not always best to wish for a special thing because what you desire may not be the best thing for you in your current stage of development.  A better plan would be to hold the thought of ultimate success.  It’s best to leave the details to the workings of the Law and take advantage of the things that occur.

Another aspect of the Law of Attraction is attracting the right people into our lives that will be interested in the same things that we desire and this can be useful in reaching our goals.  This is because our thoughts will attract and repel people by the character of the thoughts we hold. 

Remember that the Law attracts what you focus your thoughts on, whether they are negative or positive.    Atkinson warns that fear is one of the greatest attracting forces of the mind.  He describes fear as “a sort of confident expectation of evil to come, the expectation varying in degree with the amount of Fear.”

Your thoughts do not necessarily create instantaneous results.  Rather “things will fall into line as they are needed.” The Law will not do the work for you, but “it places tools and materials right at hand.”  You may feel that you are not going anywhere or that you are taking a round-about way to your goal, but trust in the Law and you will get there.

There are two different manifestations of the Law of Attraction:

  • The thing you Fear attracts as much as the thing for which you hope.
  • One gets very much what he looks for.  For example, a man who expects to be kicked and knocked around, generally has his expectations realized.  Just as a man who demands respect, will generally get that too.

Since the Law of Attraction is always in operation, you are making use of it constantly. This is happening whether you are conscious of it or not.  

Do your thoughts correspond with fear or love?  Are your thoughts in alignment with your desires in life?

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The Power of Gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful tool that we can use to create what we want in our lives.

This video shows the 4 steps to experiencing the power of gratitude.  As outlined in the video:

  • Gratitude fulfills the law of multiplication.
  • Gratitude fulfills the law of attraction.
  • Gratitude is a rapid way of programming your subconscious mind and opening yourself to receive what you desire.

 What are you grateful for?


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What is Meditation?


What is meditation?  Meditation is basically a technique for quieting the mind and becoming self-aware. At the most basic level, meditation helps you to cope with everyday issues such as stress, anxiety, and medical problems.  It’s also a method of contemplation and reflection.

There are many types of meditation: prayer, mindfulness meditation, transcendental meditation, Zen meditation, Taoist meditation, Buddhist meditation, breathing meditation, and many more.  Meditation techniques fall into one of two categories: concentrative or non-concentrative.  Regardless of the meditation technique used, the end goal is a quieted mind that is free from stress.

There are a few underlying principles to meditating:

  • It is necessary to focus on one object at a time to help with concentration.
  • If your mind starts to wander, slowly bring it back to your focus object.
  • During meditation, try to ignore distractions.

Meditation can be as simple as concentrating on a single thought.  There are also guided meditations, which can be a complex set of commands.  Whatever meditation practice one prefers, there are many benefits to the practice of meditation.

What are the benefits of meditation?  There are countless benefits to meditation that have been scientifically proven.  And best of all, meditation is a very safe and simple way to balance your physical, emotional, and mental states of being.

The number one benefit of meditation is stress relief.  Regular meditation practice will lead to a deeper level of relaxation. 

Here are just a few of those scientifically proven benefits of meditation:

  • Enhances energy, strength, and vigor.
  • Reduces stress and tension.
  • Helps keep blood pressure levels under control.
  • Reduces anxiety attacks by lowering levels of blood lactate.
  • Helps reduce heart disease.
  • Creates an overall sense of well-being.

On a personal note, I used to have a belief that meditation was too difficult.  But after doing more research and learning more about it from the likes of Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle, I’ve come to realize that it’s not as difficult as I once believed.  Not only that, I’ve experienced some profound benefits from the practice of meditation.  

It has helped tremedously with my stress levels and I have a greater sense of inner peace.  This has even been recognized by friends and family.  They keep saying, “Something’s different about you.  You seem better.”  Another side-effect of meditation for me has been a new clarity about life.  Sometimes I will meditate on a problem and through that process I will get an answer.  The answer usually comes through a thought or a feeling.

It’s not important to meditate a certain amount of time of each day or for even extended periods of time, although that is just fine.  For myself, I only meditate for about 10 minutes each night before bed.  It helps to quiet my mind, so that I can sleep better.  Others may meditate in the morning to help them start their day on an even keel.  How, when, or how long you meditate is not as important as making it a regular practice to meditate.

On the subject of meditation, Remez Sasson says, “Even masters had to take the first step, so can you.”

How to meditate

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I love the concept of synchronicity.  Let’s look at the definition of synchronicity: “an apparently meaningful coincidence in time of two or more similar or identical events that are causally related.”  So, what does this mean in terms of spirituality?

When synchronicity happens in your life, it’s the sign that you have been asking for when praying.  Or it could be the sign that the affirmations you’ve been saying are coming together for you.  It’s those times when you have a chance meeting with someone that ends up giving you a job, when you were praying or affirming your need for a new job.  It’s when you get an unexpected check in the mail because you won a raffle, when you’ve been praying or affirming for abundance in your life.  Sometimes, it can be as simple as meeting someone and having that “it’s such a small world” experience.

It’s the culmination of one or more synchronicities coming together that get you to what you desire.  Sometimes, one synchronicity is a step towards another synchronicity.  Getting what you desire does not always happen in the first incidence of synchronicity. 

What’s most important is to focus on and acknowledge the synchronicity.  As we already know, what we focus on expands in our lives.  So, focus on those synchroncities and more of them are destined to come your way.  

We also know that what we desire does not always come to us in a way that we anticipate.  But know that it will come.  If you find yourself becoming discouraged or upset because things are not going the way you want, you can change your inner dialogue.  Tell yourself, “Things are not going my way.  I’m letting go of my ideas of how things should be.”  By doing this, you open yourself up to all that is possible.

I challenge you today to think of one synchronous moment in your life that led to something you’ve desired.  It could be that the act of reading this post is a synchronous moment for you right now. 

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