What is Spiritual Metaphysics?


Let’s first look at the definition of Metaphysics: it is the branch of philosophy that deals with first principles, especially of being and knowing.  It is the study of that which goes beyond the physical.

How does this relate to the New Thought movement or Spirituality?  Well, the pioneers of the New Thought movement were students of metaphysics.  They took what they learned about metaphysics and combined their studies of religion and science to develop a deeper understanding of nature, the Universe, and life here on earth.  Hence, the birth of Spiritual Metaphysics.

In essence, Spiritual Metaphysics is the study of that which is “non-physical.” There is a belief that there is an ultimate, metaphysical source of all creation that is the basis of reality.  Just as with the New Thought movement, Spiritual Metaphysics sees the Universe and our personal human experiences as reflections of our thoughts.  What we think, we create.

Spiritual Metaphysics is important to us because it helps to fill in the gaps where traditional religion and science fall short in their explanations of the human experience.  According to metaphysics-for-life.com, “Religions are systems of beliefs that attempt to explain the human spiritual experience.  All religions arise from the illusion of separation, because that is the nature of human experience in the
physical form.”  When we perceive ourselves as being separate from each other, God, and the physical Universe, we are not experiencing the true nature of who we really are – the matter and
energy of everything that has been created in the image of God.

What’s exciting about the study of metaphysics is that over the past several decades, scientists are beginning to develop technologies that measure and detect that which cannot be seen.  They are proving more and more that the early New Thought pioneers were “on to something.”  Another exciting thing that is happening in our world today is that through the study of Spirituality and Spiritual Metaphysics, our global consciousness and awareness is continually expanding.

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5 Responses to What is Spiritual Metaphysics?

  1. peter daley says:

    My encounter with Spiritual Metaphysics began by meeting with George King and resulted in my becoming a member of The Aetherius Society which he founded with the guidance of a Cosmic master named Aetherius.
    The history of The Aetherius Society is very interesting. It was formed at the time when the planet was to be attacked on three separate occasions and from different sources.
    Hell could have risen up into the physical world and was prevented by the sacrifices of three Cosmic Adepts requiring sorties into the underworld over six months.
    The period following the world war led to the Primary Initiation of The Earth, the energies being released since then is having a profound effect on the planet and its people.
    It is a strange story and difficult to believe, and has not been widely publicised as the A.S has quietly continued the metaphysical operations started by George King for stabilising the earth..

  2. Mark Gebel says:

    You write, “[metaphysics] is the study of that which goes beyond the physical.” This is technically not true, as the word metaphysics refers to the sequence of Aristotle’s library. I.e. some group of principles bound together in a volume and placed after “phyisics” on the bookshelf. It has nothing to do with the study of immaterial entities by definition.

    That said, the study of metaphysics is rather the study of that which is real. Metaphyics and Ontology, the study of being, are therefore synonymous. The extent to which anything exists that is not physical may be of interest to one studying metaphysics, but only insofar as that non-physical entity can be shown to be real through either empirical evidence (which would seem to indicate that the “non-physical entity” is in fact physical after all), or cogent logic proof.

    I see neither of these on your website, so I am left with the conclusion that you really have no idea the meaning of or how to properly use the words metaphysics, spirituality, or science.

  3. mohini says:

    I’m new to this! Would love to know more.

  4. constance wells says:

    This was very helpful information. My finance is obtaining his phd in these studies and this education is my wedding gift to him.

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